Single-Family Rental Portfolio

14 Major Markets, 11 States

Acquired August 2021

At a Glance

The portfolio consists of over 4,000 homes and is managed by Amherst Residential, the fourth largest investor and manager of single-family rental homes in the US.

Investment Rationale

  • Amherst Residential is a vertically integrated platform with over $8 billion in AUM and a portfolio of over 25,000 single-family homes.

  • Average home value is roughly $300k with each home representing 0.02% of the portfolio – highlighting the diversification benefits of single-family rentals. The portfolio is broadly diversified across fourteen major markets in eleven different states with homes spread across multiple locations within these markets.

  • LaSalle’s Research & Strategy team has identified single-family rentals as a ‘nearcore’ property sector poised for accelerating institutional capital inflows along with an attractive risk adjusted return profile. Given the superior long-term tenant demand growth outlook, our research projects long-term expected rent and NOI growth above all other institutional property type averages.

  • The portfolio has experienced a 70% renewal rate which compares favorably to the 50% turnover for traditional apartment renewal rates.

  • Investment increases JLLIPT’s overall allocation to residential to 40%, a desired strategic property sector overweight.

Property Gallery


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