The Offering

Our real estate OFFERING has the potential to bring durable INCOME, broad DIVERSIFICATION, and institutional quality MANAGEMENT to sophisticated INVESTORS.

The Offering

JLL Income Property Trust (JLLIPT) is an institutionally managed REIT that owns and manages a diversified portfolio of residential, industrial, office, and grocery-anchored retail properties located primarily in the United States. Over time, we expect to further diversify our portfolio through additional property acquisitions outside the United States.

Offering Details

Share Class Specific Fees

Class M-I Shares

Class M Shares

Class A-I Shares

Class A Shares

(Subject to suitability requirements)
Through fee-based programs, wrap accounts, registered investment advisors, and other institutional and fiduciary accounts Through brokerage and transactional-based accounts
Selling Commission None None up to 1.50% up to 3.00%
Dealer Manager Fee None 0.30% 0.30% 0.85%

Advisory Fees

  1. The selling commission is a percentage of the NAV per share paid on Class A and A-I shares on the date of purchase and may be reduced or eliminated for certain categories of purchasers. The dealer manager fee accrues daily in an amount equal to 1/365th of the percentage of the NAV for such day on a continuous basis. All share class specific fees are paid to the dealer manager and may be reallowed to participating broker-dealers.
  2. Tracking Symbols: Shares of JLL Income Property Trust are not listed on any securities exchange and they have limited liquidity.

Stability Through Diversification

JLL Income Property Trust diversifies across property type, geographical region and tenant industries to strengthen your investment.
Learn about our diversification strategy