Portfolio Diversification


Portfolio Diversification

Our long-term strategy involves leveraging a perpetual life structure designed to achieve both wealth preservation and optimal allocation adjustments over time. This flexibility enables strategic portfolio diversification that seeks to improve overall returns while reducing volatility. Unlike the stock market, JLL IPT’s overall value is derived solely from the value of its underlying properties.

Investment Objectives

To seek current income and long-term capital appreciation from carefully selected commercial real estate investments. Primary objectives include:

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Generate attractive income for distribution to stockholders
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Preserve and protect invested capital
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Achieve NAV appreciation over time
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Enable the use of real estate as a component of long-term portfolio diversification
  1. There can be no guarantee that these objectives will be achieved.
  2. Tracking Symbols: Shares of JLL Income Property Trust are not listed on any securities exchange and they have limited liquidity.

Compare Approaches

Traditional Non-Traded REITs JLL Income Property Trust
Closed-ended with potential forced liquidity conversions into listed REIT shares Perpetual life structure provides for increased or decreased allocations to real estate over time
Limited liquidity throughout investment program life Daily repurchases, subject to certain limitations, a one-year holding period, and the board’s discretion to suspend repurchases
Lack of valuation transparency; fixed share price for 3 to 5 years Daily NAV, independent valuation advisor performs regular appraisals
Blind pool offering Established portfolio of existing properties
Primarily sponsored by niche real estate operators Sponsored by institutionally oriented, global real estate investment management and professional services firm
Typically single-property type or net lease only Core, income-oriented four-property type diversified investment strategy

Stability Through Diversification

JLL Income Property Trust diversifies across property type, geographic region and tenant industries to strengthen your investment.
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