Diversification Strategy


Diversification Strategy

We strengthen our portfolio as a whole by diversifying across three primary criteria: property type, geographic region and tenant industries. Investing across this wide spectrum reduces risk by spreading it across multiple holdings and markets. And, while no approach can completely prevent losses, this diversification strategy improves the resilience of JLL Income Property Trust.

Property Types

We generally invest in properties located in higher barrier to entry markets that are well-leased with a stable tenant base and that are expected to generate predictable income. We intend to manage risk through investing and actively managing a broadly diversified portfolio of properties. We believe that a broadly diversified investment portfolio may offer investors significant benefits for a given level of risk relative to a more concentrated investment portfolio.

Key Stats



20.0 M

Commercial Sq Ft

95 %



Residential Units

Portfolio Diversification

By Property Type

Portfolio data represents fair value of properties as of June 30, 2024.

Grocery-Anchored Retail

Geographic Regions

We seek to invest in properties in well-established locations within larger metropolitan areas and with the potential for above average population or employment growth. Having access to our sponsor’s global real estate services business is a valuable resource when sourcing and evaluating potential investment opportunities on a local level.

Portfolio Diversification

By Geographic Region
Geographic Region Map

Portfolio data represents fair value of properties as of April 30, 2024.

Tenant Industries

Diversification across thousands of tenants operating in various industries enhances the durability of our revenues and may reduce risk.

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